The Swans: Michael, Jarboe, Norman
During the time of The Sheiks
The Sheiks, drawing by Scott Hill

Norman Westberg
Musician and Clockthing Creator

Norman with nephew Jimmy

I moved to NYC from Detroit in the fall of 1980.

In NYC I auditioned and played in local bands until joining Swans in 1983 and recording the LP Filth.

Michael, Ted, Al, Norman, Jarboe

With them I Toured the world and recorded several EPs, LPs and singles until leaving after the "Burning World Tour".
Only to come back for more on the "Great Annihilator".

Early Swans Europe Tour

While a member of Swans, I played on a "Wiseblood" record and toured with Jim Thirlwell's 'Foetus' band.

Formed Sugartime in 1991 with Jason Asnes, Robert Chamberlin, and Richard Hutchins.
Recorded two 7" singles,
before disbanding in 1993.

Rigers Lactate, 1991

Awestruck/Gemini Enemy
Simple Machines, 1992

Kelly Burns joined us on drums to form A/N.

Kelly Burns
Al Kizys



In 1999 I helped form the band Heroine Sheiks with former 'Cows' maniac Shannon Selberg.
Playing and touring through two full-length recordings


Currently playing with Al Kizys and Vinnie Signorelli recording in spring 2003.

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