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A Brief History of Clockthing

Sometime in 1998 Clockthing began from
my wanting to give a unique birthday gift to a friend.

Zira was born.
She was made of foam core and photos
and was the fist multidimensional clock I had made.

Over the course of the year I worked on my technique and developed a more
substantial Clockthing made with Plexiglas as seen here in Betsy's next birthday gift,

'The Brady Girls'

People saw the Clockthings I had been making for friends and began to request Clockthings of their own.
In between touring and recording I continued making and perfecting Clockthings that were
in keeping with my attitude about what is worthwhile.

The main point being Clockthings are made for myself.
Clockthing is mine. Input from people requesting commissions is general, what subject, not which image. Clockthings began to appear around town. Tattoo parlors, Hair Salons and at CBGB's art gallery, in three separate shows, the most recent being Burning Sensation II, December 2002.

Norman Westberg creater of Clockthing

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